In the entire Singapore, St. John Island and the Kusu Island are the most beautiful. Also known as the Qi Zhang Shan in the Mandarin, the St. John Island is pretty hilly with the beach and the steeper shorelines. It is just 6.5 kms towards the South of Singapore. You can reach the highest point on the island through the short pavement which is only 50m in height. The surrounding trees mostly obstruct the top view of the St. John. The water towers cater the water needs throughout the island. Those who visited St. John in Singapore in the previous occasion, keep on visiting the place again and again. If you are looking for a beach vacation, consider St. John Island holiday. For family vacationers, for children and even for the group travelers, the island is magnificent. Take up the ferry service from Marina South Pier to St John Island and simultaneously witness the nature’s beauty.

A brief history on St. John’s Island


Singapore, the elegant and unique location on this earth, offers too many places to the travelers. To escape from the boredom and monotony, there is every reason to consider Singapore as your next travel destination. Being once the leper and the prison camp, St, John Island is the amazing place. It is meant exclusively for picnicking and camping. While you visit the St. John’s Island, consider staying in the charming bungalows. The beauty and appeal of the place is spectacular and the ambience is great. The 39 hectare of land was once the site of Stamford Raffles anchorage and now it is the home for Tropical Marine Science Institute.

Visiting the St. John Island

If you are looking to visit St. John Island from Singapore, take up the ferry service from Marina South pier. You can reach the Marina South Pier by simply taking the MRT ride. Since the ferry rides or ferry services are available daily, you may reach the location whenever you want. St. John Island has a serene environment which gives relaxing moments to everyone.

Carry the cellphones, ipods to really enjoy the place. On the island, you can cook your own food and try out the barbeques or the grilles. Check out the exact St. John Island ferry schedule online by visiting the websites. St. John is the real hub of activity and culture. Although camping is not permitted, there are holiday bungalows available at the place.

How to reach St. John Island?


If you are looking for St. John Island Holiday, you need the ferry to St. John Island Singapore. Ferries are available from the Marina South Pier which may be reached with the MRT ride. Enjoy the Kusu Pilgrimage Season by taking an island trip. The ferries from the Marina South Pier depart every two hours and the first ferry leaves around 9am on the weekends. For the two way ride, take the $20 ticket to reach the place directly.

There are various reasons why people must pay a visit to Malaysia. Being known to be one of the top tourist destinations in the world, Malaysia, it is home to wonderful beaches along with breathtaking sceneries. This country is culturally diverse and is known to feature many natural wonders that attract millions of tourists from all across the world.

Why to Travel Malaysia?

Malaysia is a picturesque, culturally rich and a welcoming country that is known to offer the right value of money to tourists. The country is recognized to be full of natural beauties and is home to many luxurious hotels and resorts that speak of class as well as comfort. Vital reasons to travel Malaysia have been mentioned as under:

  • Rich Art and Culture in Malaysia – Malaysia is a country which is full of diverse tradition and culture. The blend of cultural influences in the country is the outcome of long periods of migration as well as business with other countries of the world. When it comes to China, India and other Arabian countries, the question is an unimaginable.

It is great to learn that none has been homogenized because the mixed culture has remained intact within the walls of the country. Conventional churches, mosques and temples reflect this feature. While you are in Malaysia, you must not miss the opportunity to enjoy some of the most popular cultural events and festivals in country which include Ramadan Bazaar, Rainforest World Music Festival, Colors of Malaysia, Merdeka Month Celebration, World Harvest Festival and Gawai Dayak Sarawak.

  • Enjoyable Activities in Malaysia – Malaysia gives the tourists a chance to participate in various activities. By accommodating a few of them will definitely add a lot of value to your trip. You may enjoy caving in the Gunung Mulu National Park in Sarawak along with diving in the tropical sea waters near Borneo and peninsular Malaysia.

Touring the rainforests of rainforests of Malaysia is one of the priorities by people who come to pay visit to the country by KTM ets train. You will definitely find some best scuba diving locations of the world in this country. You may also visit beautiful islands like the Langkawi, Tioman and Perhentian Islands. Wildlife watching along with shopping is two other popular activities.

  • Enjoyable Malaysian Cuisine – Malaysia is very much famous in terms of diversified varieties of cuisines. They are a blend on Indian, Chinese, Malay as well as Peranakan cuisines. You will definitely get a chance to enjoy some mouthwatering as well as innovative dishes of the country.

There are many things to be done and viewed in Malaysia. It is high time to plan for Malaysia after taking into considerations all events along with tourist attractions into consideration. Malaysia is really an enjoyable place where you may take your children along with newly wed spouse.

If you are ready to pay a visit, then book your tickets now to avoid last minute high rush.